Monday, October 20, 2008

A Real Freeformer

I've gotten a few personal comments asking me a few questions, and this post is inspired by some of those questions.

I don't mean to disappoint. I'm a freeformer, but ...

... I'm not spiritual - I didn't start my locks because I believe that they're the ultimate natural hairstyle. I don't believe that locks are Jah antennae. I don't know about the 47 laws of Maat (or however many there are).

... I'm not conscious - Sad to say, but I'm not. I'm so not conscious, I don't even know what it means to be conscious. :-( I am a worker bee. I am a sheep. I don't know about politics. I'm voting for Obama just because he's black. I watch BET (Okay, just kidding, I'm not that bad. I DO NOT watch BET).

... I'm not afrocentric - I don't know all about dread history. :-( I don't know all about Rastafarians (although I'm not completely ignorant to them). I am not a black power type (although what that has to do with dreads, I don't know). I don't know a lot about black history (although I'm working to learn more). I don't say "ase" or "peace, brother/sister" or call my husband "my king" or wear ankhs or cowry shells.

... I care about how I look - Well, okay, I don't wear makeup or arch my eyebrows, so maybe I look (and am) low maintenance, but I'm not totally forsaking personal grooming.

... I'm not vegetarian - Well, okay, I AM vegetarian, but not because of the locks.

I'm a freeformer, and to me, that just refers to how I do my hair. I started them by just washing and going, and I don't twist to maintain. Anything else that is assumed about me because of how I wear my hair is just that ... an assumption.

Note: Okay, I am being a little silly here at times, I was just trying to make a point.

Monday, October 13, 2008