Sunday, July 05, 2009

Random pics and thoughts

I feel like that pic makes me look so thin. :-)

My hair's lightened up some on the ends.

Tomoka's Twists. If you do a search you will find people that wear them much better than I do. I do love them. I've been telling myself I need to make another order, haven't bought any new ones in awhile.

My three year old daughter took this pic. She didn't do half bad. My personal photographer in the making.

One of my favorite locks.

Another one of my favorites. This one used to be two locks, and you can't tell anymore by looking, although I can tell by feel.

A lock that used to be two. I tried to knot it, don't really like how that part turned out.

A two-headed dragon -- one lock towards the root, two at the end.

Random thoughts:

RIP MJ. It's weird, because I only bought one of his albums (HIStory), and never saw him in concert, but I can't stop thinking about him now. I was so shocked when my husband told me he'd died. I thought he was joking.

No, I am not a Rasta. But "Rastafari!!!" and "Guidance" anyway.

Yes, I do my own hair. Thanks, but no thanks, I don't want to go to your recommended beautician. You do realize that came out like a diss, right?

Yes, I locked my hair without twisting it. Why is that so hard to believe?

Miss talking with you, girlie. Hope everything's going well for you. (Como me gusta your style -- "Little Freaky Girl", Concha Buika)

No hablo español con fluidez ahora, pero estoy mejorando cada día. Un día hablaré en forma fluida.

I really want more piercings. Trying to contain myself. Just an ear cartilage shouldn't be too bad, should it? That's pretty tame.

I'm so lazy, I really need to start cooking regularly. Junk food vegetarian is not healthy. And my body's feeling it.

I'm really just at peace with my hair. I'm comfortable with it. It doesn't stress me out. I like how it looks. I don't take too much time with it.