Thursday, April 14, 2005

Insecurities during the lock journey

I read a wonderful post on my favorite hair site. One person had taken down her twists that she was trying to start locks with. A lovely lady put her thoughts on that:

I understand because I went through the same thing on my first loc journey. I lasted almost 8 months until my insecurities took over. I let people get to me, make me weak to the point of hating my babies. This second journey has been SO much more fulfilling, and I am internally stronger and able to deal with my loc adversaries with a positive attitude. I am so happy that I started over and left all of the negativity behind with my first set. With the second rebirth, I did go through periods where I didn’t understand what my babies were doing but I still remained tolerant of them. I never really learned to love the frizzies, but more importantly, I never hated them.. Remember that you may not enjoy each and every stage that you go through, but as you preserve through each stage, you will gain a little more strength until you make it through the rough spots. In the end, you will be so proud of yourself for doing the dern thang! Making it through this second journey has empowered me in so many other areas of my life! I have learned that I can do all things (through Christ – yeah you know it! Bible thumper and proud of it!) and I have made so many changes to my internal as well as my external. That is why I never recommend loc extensions, etc, because you might miss out on some important lessons by taking the shortcut.

Girl your first set (color and everything) were beautiful, but if you didn’t feel it, then it was wasted space and time. So good-bye to the old, hello to the new. You are gonna be fierce with some locs! Simply beautiful! You will loc again and you will look & feel marvelous.

***I am glad that I was able to re-loc with a positive spirit and an unconditional, unequivocal love for each and every loc on my big fat head. ***

I think that's beautiful, and that's the attitude I want to have with my locks.

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