Sunday, August 03, 2008

Meet the Fam

(Note: I've updated this post a couple times with a few more pictures).

It's been 10 months for me. :-) So close to a year. I thought I'd show off a few of my special locks.

There's stumpy there on the right. I have no idea how he got that short, when every lock around him is twice his height. He's at the crown of my head.

Here's a lock that was originally two locks. I'm thinking I joined them at around 3 months, although I really can't remember. However, now, you can't really tell that they were originally separate. This one is one of my favorites.

Here are a few of the largest locks on my head. They aren't huge, of course. I like the size of these best.

And here are a couple of the really small ones on my head. These I think I will eventually join to some other lock close to them.

Now, I estimate that my hair is locked halfway up each lock for most of them, although there are a few that are still locked only very close to the end. I always heard that freeform locks lock faster than other types of locks, but now I don't believe it. Maybe if I started with shorter hair, that would have been the case, though. Who knows.

And here are a few locks that are quite weird to me. Closer to the root, the lock is thick/regular. In the middle the locks are ultra thin. Then they get thicker again at the ends of the hair. I have no idea how they got this way. I'm trying to fight cutting the thinner parts off, and just see how they develop.

And a few days later, decided to join a few locks that were too small for my taste. Now I have around 5-7 more two-headed dragons. I did it by latching the new growth of both together, and twisting together the locked portion. When I got to the last one, I remembered about wrapping the loose hairs around the locks, and I did that towards the end of my hair, and that worked well. I'm showing a pic of one that I joined.