Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Four Months - Video

So, my husband took a short video of me without me realizing it. And then he showed it to me, and i was totally transfixed, looking at my hair. It looks great. Is that conceited of me to say that? Anyway, I made a video of myself talking about my hair. Here it is (best viewed in original size):


I don't plan to do this on a regular basis. But I think it would be really cool if some of my favorite bloggers did videos. For example, I think Tai would crack me up, hearing and seeing his rants instead of just reading them.


TamCM said...

I am pumped over here by your video. I just love that you did it. I had to click on the link though. Not sure why the other one didn't work. It's nice to put a voice with the words. Yes, it would be so cool if Tai did one. I can jus see it now, LOL. I make a squeal when I saw your favorite lock. I can see how that is your favorite one. It's pretty much done. Very nice. I am urging you to do more. Nice change every now and then.

aybee77 said...

LOL, thanks. You're making me smile over here. I REALLY don't like looking at myself in video or pictures, usually, but I love looking at the hair. I'm glad I did it too.

Yup, that's why I like that one lock. It's the most locked. I look at that one also when I get impatient, because I swear that one month ago, just the tip was locked. It's amazing.

Yeah, I don't know why the embedded one didn't work, though. I was hoping just me. Off to figure out why.

CarmenNC said...

Can I have this video? I like that part when you're talking about people who don't like and you say "They don't count." I know that's right. I'm giggling at how you went right to your favorite one. 'Yes' Out of a lot of locks or hair, everyone seems to know exactly where their favorite lock is.

aybee77 said...

Awww. You have me cheesing too. Yeah, man, I have to tune the naysayers out, because if I didn't, I'd really not be happy right about now.

tai said...

u and your hair are truly a breath of fresh air.....seriously. it's so nice to see someone who not only has the right attitude INSIDE, but obviously OUTSIDE as well. of ALL the blogs, fotki albums, etc i see everywhere right now, yours is one of but only a handful that actually seem to "get it". i've said it before that not all locks are equal regardless of what others say.......locks speak volumes about the individual him/herself wearing them. trust that yours are SHOUTING to the world what a special individual u really are without u having to say one word.

and tamcm, if i was so internet saavy as angela, i'd think about it too. *smile*

blessins to the both of u.......

aybee77 said...

That's so special coming from you, Tai, it really is. I don't think I'm fully there yet as far as my feelings inside, but I'm getting there.

Oh, and it's not that difficult to do a video upload if you have a camera that takes video. My camera takes video, and saves it in .avi format. It's just a way bigger file (mine was 107 MB for 3 minutes). It's not hard, PLEASE look into it, it would be fun.

Tina said...

Wow. My first reaction at your video was "What locks? Where are they? That's an afro!"

But I love how you explained what you were doing with your hair and how it was free-forming and I loved how you were constantly manipulating your hair. By the end of the video, I came out with a better understanding and appreciation of you and your hair.

Just wanted to let you know I thought your video was a great idea. I hope you'll do more.

Anonymous said...

Hey Angela

I ran across your blog a couple of days ago, or so. I've too decided to let go and watch what my hair does. Anyway, I was in Whole Foods the other day and ran across Jane Carter Solution products. The spray on leave in conditioner is awesome! It adds moisture to the hair and keeps it soft. I think it'll be a main staple in this venture for me. Just thought you might wanna know. Check it out. Also, I really dig your video. I think it's brave and right. Righteous.

QueenLi said...

Greetings Angela! :)

I must say, when it comes to those who "Freeform" or rock a TWA/BAA, my hat goes off {I will even take-a-bow-down} to them! {in this case, "you"} In my eyes, you are very strong/bold to just
"DO-IT!" While others will view me the same way for being "natural" {in general}... I find it hard sometimes even with twists, when family, co-workers send negative comments my way, God knows what they would say if I went the "Freeform" route!
I hope you have a wonderful day!
*Pouring down rain right now* but where I live, there is a drought, so, we need it...

aybee77 said...

@ tina

Yup, still mostly looks like an afro to me too. Thanks for the compliments on the video. I am shocked some people liked it.


Congrats on your decision to let go and let lock . :-) Thanks for the product recommendation. I actually think I need a leave in conditioner, and just ordered one off the internet a few days ago. If that one doesn't work out, I may try your recommendation. I'm simple with my hair, so I don't really want to try too many things with it.

@ QueenLi

Thanks. These freeforms have given me somewhat of a backbone, I think, LOL. Yeah, it's not always easy, because people want to give their uninvited negative opinions. It's like, who do you think you are that you can just tell someone, "I don't like that / you don't look good"? But knowing in your head what you want for yourself helps alot. I loved your previous locks, and I know your new set will be gorgeous as well.

It's raining here (NY) today too.