Wednesday, January 02, 2008

3 months in and feeling fine

You know, I'm really feeling good about my hair so far. No drama (for a change). I love the way my hair is developing into locks. And I'm confident about how they will turn out. I think that this is a good reason for locks to develop slowly the way they do, so that it can give me time to adjust to the new look. I am on the lookout these next few months, though, because the last few (!) attempts I made to lock my hair, I took / cut them out around 3-5 months. I feel so far removed from my mindset then, though, so I'm good.

I took pics also, but what is the point of taking pictures when your hair looks exactly the same? I may space it out to every 1-2 months taking pics.

The last two pics are of Tomoka's Twists. I wear them as a headband, and they aren't tight, like most headbands I wear (I guess I'm sensitive to that). I love them. I bought a few others from her site also. They are beautiful.


TamCM said...

Hi there girl. It must be the new year. I was sitting here thinking maybe I should do my next update in 2 months. Like you said, it isn't that much difference. It looks like you are going to get those small dreads that you wanted after all. Looks really nice girl. Cute little accessory you have there. I havne't put anything in mine and actually haven't wore my hair wrapped in a good while now. So as much as I want to enjoy my camera with pictures, until I see some real changes, I won't be posting too much of any. But you can't stop sharing your pictures cuz I like seeing your hair. :-)

aybee77 said...

Thanks for the compliments. LOL, yeah, I think I said in a blog before it's like watching paint dry with all the updates.

CarmenNC said...

OMG. I'm working my way through your blog backwards I guess. Watched the video twice. Noticed that since your pep talk it's been 20 days, so it worked. I'm checking out the pictures and bam - "Natty Girl". Double bam cause there's Ocean and the earrings too. I am so amped right about now. Thank you for your purchase and sharing them on your blog. Of course I get government names so I never realize who's buying. Then tahdah, I'll see one while browsing posts. It's a good feeling. Makes me shed a tear - cry. Thank you!

aybee77 said...

Awww. I really do love the Tomoka's Twists. I got some others that I didn't take pictures of, and I also saw some new ones that I want to get too. They really work well for me.

Also, I've gotten compliments on them, and people want to know where to get them, and I tell them about your website. Hmmm ... I guess I should put this message on your blog or something.