Wednesday, June 09, 2010

Contemplating ...

For maybe a month or two I've been really wanting to take out my locks. This is why:
  • My hair always gets in my way (e.g. during certain "activities")
  • I want to do cornrows, and because I started my hair by just washing, I don't have nice parts.
  • I miss my afro.

Why I haven't done it yet:
  • My hair is long enough to flip it. I flip it all around when I do pole dancing or floor work.
  • I took out two locks. Each lock took around 1 hour to remove, and the resulting hair was only around 6 inches long. Talk about shocking. Why is this? My hair was 10-12 inches when I started my locks.
  • I am not adept at styling my hair. I want cornrows, but to do them neatly like I would want them would take forever. And I am allergic to hair stylists.
  • I miss my afro, but I do not miss the time taking care of it entails.

I am really low maintenance. I think this is the real reason I haven't done anything. Maybe I just need to style my hair again. Or try cornrows with my locks. Something exciting that looks good.