Saturday, December 22, 2007

What styles can be done with new freeform locks?

So, what styles can be done with new freeform locks? Not many that I know of. I can only think of wearing headbands, wraps, or scarves, so I wanted to see how I look in a few.

Don't really care for that tan color.

I have a few scarves I have that I may wear also.


TamCM said...

I like the thin headband. I too am not feeling that tan color but the greenish one is HOT. I love it. Your daughter is just too adorable and not camera shy. LOL. You know what. I just wear mine sticking up. It sorta resembles a twistout so I'm can pull it off right now.

CarmenNC said...

I love it. I agree with tamcm - it does look like a twist out. I make my own headbands.

aybee77 said...

Yeah, I usually just wear my hair out, but sometimes you want to jazz it up.

aybee77 said...

Carmen, I am really dense, didn't realize those things you made could be used as headbands. Gonna buy a few, they look nice.