Monday, April 19, 2010

More pics, and no longer freeform

So, I've latched my hair 3 or so times since November. I no longer consider myself freeform. I did it for a few reasons: boredom with my hair; got tired of separating my hair after every wash, but not wanting my hair to join together; and wanting to see a little more of the length that I have. My hair is still very low maintenance, I just wanted to do a little more to my hair.

Also, I had hair that appeared all along the front hairline. I eventually decided to make new baby locks by latching the hair together. That worked fine, and they are on their way. The only thing is that since they are super short compared to the rest of my hair, they stick up at the most inopportune times, lol.


QueenLi said...

Hi there again. Your hair looks nice, and you seem to be enjoying yourself in the pictures. It's been years!!! since I rode a horse, decades even.
I did not attend the hair show, and I am still stuck in a financial rut for the moment (hopefully things will get better).
My home monitor is gone, and I will not be able to post pics until I get a new one. I didn't really plan to blog agin until the summer, so I hope to have a new screen/monitor by then. Ok, enough of my Blah-blah,blaH,.....
About your hair: You latch, or freeform whenever you want to. You must make yourself happy~

How is the little princess?
Take care~

aybee77 said...

@ QueenLi

Hey again. Hoping things get better for you as well.

My daughter is doing great, other than at times acting like a diva. :-/ Thanks for asking.

Anyway, the first few pictures were from when I went to Honduras. I did a horseback riding tour there, it was fun.

I actually am okay with not freeforming anymore, I just want people to know that may come across this blog, so they won't be confused.

nappy headed black girl said... freeform buddy is no longer!

Well, still my buddy...and still it's all good lol

Great growth, and I'm glad you found a happy medium.

That's awesome that you went to Honduras! Did you take the fam? And did kick start your language efforts? (I remember you saying you wanted to get back into Spanish)

aybee77 said...

Hey there, buddy, lol. Glad to hear from you. :-D Yeah, I realized that I didn't really want to freeform, and the feeling wasn't going away ....

Honduras was awesome. No, I did not take the family, I went with friends. I spoke lots of Spanish, and had a ball. I'm studying Spanish a lot, and I have writings corrected and have conversations with native speakers. I'm really determined to be fluent and not give up with it. I think it's going well. I am debating doing a video talking about my hair in Spanish, lol.

Thandi said...

Whatever you do suits you. I enjoy reading your blog

aybee77 said...

Thank you Thandi.

Anonymous said...

Hi there. You know, you should still let people that you did freeform the first year (or two) so they can still see your blog for great info, pics of the process. I am at work right now, and I hope to have a monitor by the summer so I can post new pics and updates.
I have approx. 50 ext. to go on my "take-down" and so far, everything is cool. (with my hair).

Take Care~

aybee77 said...

Hi QueenLi,

Yes, you are right, I should make sure people know that's how I started and had my hair the first couple years.

It's so nice of you sharing your locks with extensions, I think they look great. Is it easy to take them out?

Anonymous said...

Greetings! Yes, it is not hard because it is a Braid ext.
not a lock ext.
Right now, I have about 30 left. Down from 100 a few months ago. The entire front is ext. free.
If there is a "con" you know, downside to this way, it is the fact that my hair that was inside the ext. is NOT locked. I am not worried at this point because I know it will eventually lock up.
I had a not-so-good weekend. It is filled with depression. I made another hat for you, but I do not have the cash to send it your way!
It is turquoise(sp) like your shirt in a previous post.
Actually, I have 12 hats that I have made since last year, and I am currently working on a newborn baby dress.
I usually don't log-in while working, but in a small way, I think typing is helping me cope.

Take Care~

aybee77 said...

Robyn, do you check that email address? If so, I sent you an email.