Saturday, April 14, 2012

This is it

After a long time struggling with not being satisfied with my hair, locking and unlocking I finally cut it all off. I love it! I don't know why I didn't do it sooner. I feel great. When I cut it this low many years ago I struggled with feeling unfeminine, but I don't feel like that now at all. Perhaps because I am a little older I have more of an understanding of what it really is to be a woman, and for me right now, my hair length has nothing to do with it.

My daughter laughed at me when she saw me. :-) That doesn't bother me. She said I look like a boy wearing girl stuff. That doesn't bother me. She is 6, and through me, she will come to understand that even if she doesn't have long hair, she's still a girl.

My husband loves it. My hair was this length when we were first dating, and it reminds him of that time. :-D


Dayna said...

Angela, you look STUNNING.

aybee77 said...

Oh wow, thanks so much Dayna!

LA Jefferson said...

I just came across your blog as I was searching the definition of freeform locs. I liked and agreed with your explanation. As I clicked on your more recent posts I was so surprised to see that you took your locs down! However, I understand. I've been rocking locs for nearly 4yrs and I contemplate taking them down 1-2 a year. Deep down I'm not done with locs just yet, mainly because I'm not ready to deal with my loose natural hair. Only thing I'm sure of is that I don't ever want to straighten my hair.

aybee77 said...

Hi LA!

I didn't know so many have thought of taking their hair down, I guess since I'm so impulsive I'm more likely to act on it.

Robyn said...

WOW!!!! It's been a minute since I last spoke to you! I am glad you are happy with your hair choice!
I have an aunt who rocks a TWA, and for 20 years at that! I have been busy, and have not updated my blog this month, but I will soon.
Take care~

Anonymous said...

Hard to look like a boy with a body like that. I have small breasts and big shoulders, hate ittttttt. Thank the lord for your curves! Srsly

aybee77 said...

Thanks anon :-)

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